Dog Grooming Services

The Blue Room is committed to providing a range of professional dog grooming services for all dog sizes, ages, breeds and coat types from nail clipping to a full groom and for everything in between

Full Groom

prices from €35

  • Full body assessment for general health
  • Ear clean and hair removal (if required)
  • Nail Clipping
  • Brush-out/ de-shed
  • Hydrobath treatment (deep clean, massage and condition)
  • Blow-dry and additional brush-out/ de-shed
  • Coat trimming/ scissoring  and styling

Hydrobath & Blow dry

prices from €25 

  • Ear clean
  • Nail Clipping
  • Brush-out
  • Hydrobath treatment (deep clean, massage and condition)
  • Blow-dry 

Brush-out/ de-shed

€15 for 30 min/ €25 per hr

  • Coat is fully brushed out with smaller areas of matting removed
  • removal of shedding undercoat with de-shedding tools

Benefits of grooming services

Hydrobath & Blow Dry

Perfect for a special occasion or between regular grooms to keep the coat free from matts and tangles or simply for a thorough and deep clean. The owners request and coat type/ condition will determine the shampoo and condition used, e.g, shampoo for sensitive skin, dry skin or for coats that are prone to matting.

Brushing/ De-shedding 

Great for owners that need help with maintaining their dog's coat. De-shedding and brushing can really help open out a dog’s coats, which is vital for temperature regulation and prevention of skin problems and skin irritation, particularly good for older dogs and for all dogs in warm weather.  This is suitable for both dogs that shed and for dogs that have coats that are prone to matting. For dogs that are in heavy moult, a full groom is recommended, as additional deep de-shedding is achieved by techniques used during the bathing and drying process. 

Full Groom

The full groom (or The Works!) includes all the benefits of a combined bath and blow dry and brushing/ de-shedding to leave your dog's squeaky clean coat in beautiful condition, with a massive reduction in shedding hair. The clean conditioned coat is then trimmed, scissored and styled for a beautiful finish.

Price Guide

Prices can only be confirmed on meeting the dog, as the coat type and  condition will affect the time and tools required for grooming process. Please phone The Blue Room to arrange a drop in, I'd be delighted to assess your dogs grooming needs and give a price up front, with no obligation. Below is price guide for Full Grooms or Bath & Blow Dry.

For all other standalone grooming needs, for example, Nail clipping and filing, Ear cleaning & ear hair removal, removal of matts, please phone for appointment.

Card Payment Accepted